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Upwell Materials
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Carbon negative.

Turning the tide on blue ingredients through microalgae



bottles of sunscreen wash off swimmers every year, bleaching coral reefs with harmful chemicals.

What are blue ingredients?

Many ingredients are traditionally derived from petroleum or animal products, with direct detrimental impacts on the environment.

But what if our footprint could be a good thing? What if instead we created ingredients that regenerated eco-systems, respected and preserved our oceans, and performed better than their petroleum-based predecessors?

Upwell Materials aims to do just that. With hyper-sustainable, patented ingredients from microalgae, Upwell is bringing the personal care industry the first ocean-derived wax, alongside other blue ingredients for personal care, nutraceuticals, and beyond. Our disruptive ingredients are carbon-negative, ocean-safe, and vegan with a luxury feel.

T. isochrysis, a natural microalgae easily grown in bioreactors, has the potential to replace petroleum ingredients in many cosmetics and personal care products. It’s renewable, reef-safe, carbon-negative, and vegan. It has utility across almost every type of personal care product.

Made from the sea,
made for the sea

How can microalgae change the world?

The ocean holds 60 times more CO2 than the atmosphere, with about 30% of human emissions absorbed annually. Algae are five times more efficient at absorbing carbon dioxide than land plants and, when grown in bioreactors, up to 10 times more efficient. Preserving our oceans and producing low emission materials is crucial for the planet's existence. Upwell Materials believes the future of ingredients is blue—they must be sustainably derived from the oceans and be good for the oceans.

Our powerful microalgae called T. isochrysis are grown in closed loop bioreactors that rely on the sun, recycled water, and nutrients to give us a marine crop that absorbs on average 10 times more CO2 than trees. Our disruptive ingredients offer sustainable alternatives to petroleum and animal-based materials on the market today.

Our ingredient portfolio

Materials that put the blue in blue ingredients
The first algae-derived wax. It is proprietary, sustainable, reef safe and ideal for personal care and cosmetics.
The first structuring agent to also have active properties. “Upwell Butter” is our algae wax, combined with naturally occurring co-compounds of omegas and antioxidants from the algae. It is ideal for personal care and cosmetics.
A sustainable golden-red algal oil rich in antioxidants (Fucoxanthin) and essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6, and 9). It is ideal for nutraceuticals and personal care.
A polysaccharides and proteins aqueous extract derived from microalgae with deep moisturizing properties, ideal for personal care and cosmetics.

The company we keep

Upwell Materials has an exclusive licensee agreement with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Western Washington University where the wax was first discovered. Thanks to this agreement, Upwell is commercializing the first microalgae wax for use in the personal care and cosmetic space.

The science that sets us apart

Upwell Materials has a number of proprietary in-house ingredients derived from microalgae and we are always looking to expand our portfolio.

Meet Upwell Founders

A partnership born on the ocean
Daniella Zakon
Founder and CEO
Alexandra Dowling Lari
Co-founder and CMO

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Ready to sea the bigger picture?
Upwell Materials gets its name from the phenomenon called “upwelling” that takes place in our oceans: a phenomenon that brings deep, nutrient rich waters to the surface of the ocean and allows diverse ecosystems to thrive. Ready to thrive?